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Team vB Racing was put together by Maarten Van Booma prior to the start of the 1995/96 NZ road race championships. Maarten had been away from competitive road racing for 3 years, competing in only a handful of races in the UK during this period (mainly due to the fact that Maarten broke his neck in 3 places at a National Points round at Baypark in Tauranga, NZ, 18 months priop to this). During this period in the UK he saw how professionally the racing scene was there and realised there and then that should he go racing again then the only way to do it was in a professional manner. This led to the formulation of Team vB Racing New Zealand.

During a working stint in Java in 1995 it was decided to return to the NZ race scene and the importing of a 95 model followed; The team was started. Since that day Team vB Racing has gone from strength to strength, 1995/96 saw Team vB Racing having to re-learn the art of riding a 125gp machine, also having the only current model machine meant that there was no technical assistance available. 95/96 started badly with mid-field finishes, over the summer break Team vB Racing enlisted the services of Ian Emberton in the UK and the tuning wizardry of former NZ Roard Race Champ Bruce Woodley. These two contacts have made Team vB Racing the competitive force that it is in NZ road racing, 95/96 ended with 1x2nd, 2x3rd,1x6th and a new lap record at one of NZ's most difficult tracks.

96/97 started as the previous season had finished with top 3 placings and lap records (official or unofficial at every track!). 97 also bought the mechanical gremlins that Maarten had avoided over the past 14 races, and to top the season off a fall at the last round that left me with 2 broken feet.

98/99 will see Team vB Racing with a fully professional package, 4 semi-full time staff, all professional and fully qualfied in their respective tasks, our machine is again fettled by Bruce Woodley with techinal info coming from Ian Emberton Racing in the UK and Darrin Gosper turning the spanners at the track. The bike is now fully 1998 specifications.

Team Video Expo Rock Oil Racing and Team vB Racing sincerely thank Video Expo for their sponsorship.

For more information on the team, visit the Team VB Racing website at


23 years old, engaged to Maarten, mother to Sproket (cat). Partially qualified florist, 5 years involvement in floristry. Has been involved in Motorsport since meeting Maarten, helps in organising of accommodation, travel plans, etc, and much loved by Maarten,..also his calming influence. Data input and results logging,
lapscorer, logistics planning,
administration and media

Rider and everyone elses Nemesis, 32 years old, engaged to Kaye. Qualified fitter and welder, self-employed contract welder, maker of high-tech carbon fibre components for racing motorcycles and track bicycles, worked extensively throughout Europe and Southern Asia. 17 years involvement in motorcycle racing (organising, racing, administration), current voting member of the MNZ Road Race Commission, vocal advocate for restructuring of sports governing body, occasional road race training instructor (helping novices at club meeting, riding trips, rider training, race craft adviser, etc). Hobbies include Mountain biking, cycling, reading and most sports.

31 years old, qualified Cilcker (cuts out shoes). Involved in the motorcycle industry 14 years, sales rep, parts manager, mechanic. Has raced for 10 years, motocross, road racing -250 prod, 125GP, 100cc Buckets, Sidecar Buckets and 50cc(2 times NZ 50cc GP Champion 95-96 and 96-97). Was a mechanic for Warren Turner (F2) for 4 years, 10 years involvement in organising and running of the Woodville Motocross. Actively involved in club management (MOMCC), immediate past president of MOMCC, club delegate to MNZ conference. Hobbies include Golf, Motorsport and travel.

32 years old, married to Michelle (Palmerston North's Information/Events Officer), dad to Catelin(1 year old). 12 years in Printing and design, 7 years of that freelance (Graphic Effects, PN), national branding credit for Touch NZ, Glaxo, Local and National Power Authority, extensive branding locally (throughout the Manawatu). Represented Manawatu in soccer. 10 year interest in Motorsport, contract to Team VB Racing NZ for the last 2 and a half years as GD, Marketing consultant and general advice giver. Hobbies include flying (qualified pilot), soccer and Motorsport.

Team VB Racing commenced racing in 1982 and had numberable successes in the 1983 season with rostrum places in Club Champs. The 1983 highlight was finishing 4th overall in the New Zealand 125cc Championships.

1984 - Finished 4th equal overall in the New Zealand 125cc Championships after an early injury.

1985-1990 - Raced in New Zealand and Australia with prominent results. Racing however was hampered by work commitments.

1991-1993 - Worked and lived in Europe and took part in the highly competitive European Racing scene with promising results. It was here where a valuable insight into the professional approach to motorsport was learned, and it is upon this that I base my high standards.

1994-1996 - Raced motocross and National Roadracing Street Circuits

1997 - Placed 5th overall in the New Zealand 125cc Championships.

1997-1998 - 3rd Place New Zealand Grand Prix (and lap record) at Ruapuna.


"What a Booma!"

"LOOKING FOR SPONSORSHIP? Finding the going tough? Try some lateral thinking. Maarten Van Booma and his VB Racing Team feel they are leading the way for young riders who think it's too expensive and too difficult to get into racing. Maarten is about to contest the 125 national champs later this year with sponsorship and a sizeable cheque from Video Expo, an adult video outlet. Pictured above Maarten (right) receives the cheque from Video Expo. To celebrate the deal a real adult video star, Kristie Lake (left) flew in from the States. Decorum dictates that we refrain from any further comment on Miss Lake, but it is a sexy bike."

Article from the New Zealand Fortnightly
(Issue 28, 31 Aug)



4A Terrace Street, Palmerston North, New Zealand, Phone/Fax +64 6 358 6876, Mobile +64 25 858 413
E-mail: [email protected],